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24 November 2014 @ 11:50 pm
Art will be up in this space soon. Sorry fuzzybatbatts, work was ridiculous yesterday.
06 October 2014 @ 08:16 pm
Title: Dust To Dust
Author: Tikistitch
Artist: amyeyl

Summary: Fantasy AU. Dean Winchester is an officer in the Tajemny Corps, the supernatural police force in a city now set alight by mysterious citizen uprisings. When Dean and his vampire partner are investigating a series of gruesome murders – killings the corrupt angelic oligarchy that runs the city is desperate to cover up – he crosses paths with the demon king Crowley’s newest protégé, the angel Castiel.

This was such a fun story to read!



Here are some sketches I didn't have time to do more to:



12 November 2013 @ 09:45 am
Title: No Heaven Above
Author: dressednleather
Artist: amyeyl

I'm a sucker for AU Band fic, so I was super excited to get to work on this story. It's more than just a story about a band, though, so you should definitely check it out! (Link coming soon)

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14 October 2013 @ 07:17 am
Title: Strange Truths
Author: 9_of_clubs
Artist: amyeyl

Artist Note: This has been my first time doing the deancasbigbang and I'm so happy that I did. I've had such a wonderful time getting to know and working with 9_of_clubs. Her story was a delight to read and it made me want to draw again. It put images in my head, and that doesn't happen nearly enough for me. I feel so lucky that I was able provide artwork for her story. Please go read it: On AO3 or on LJ

Artwork is a bit spoilery... and I've included the story snippets associated with the scenes, so yeah.

...the girl sneezes again, and then she’s choking, no, heaving, dry heaving, and plants are falling out of her mouth. He hears the mother’s worried screech, but can’t turn away to see if she is alright or not as the onslaught continues. Eileen sneezes and pinecones fall out of her nose, the greenery still pouring from her lips, her skin is changing too, turning alternatingly brown and green, becoming rougher around the chest, and smoother around the arms, as she transforms...her middle taking the shape of a tree trunk, her skin falling out as fine blades of grass. Not a child at all then, he’s transfixed though horrified, a puppet animated from the trees. Her red hair turns last, rounding out into bright autumn berries...

“I think Cassy would happily trade us both for a laptop, don’t you?” He turns to Dean, who’s disarmed for a moment by the seeming camaraderie but then laughs as well. Cas glares at them from the back seat.
“I would do no such thing.” He protests, pulling out the phone again to continue looking his reading. The laughter fades off and Dean sinks into the thoughts of the case once more.
The car goes silent. Balthazar’s eyes on the road, Cas’s on the tiny screen and sometimes on the back of Dean’s head, and Dean’s staring straight ahead. It’s progress, but it’s not enough. Not yet.

Balthazar has stepped onto the cage, grimacing as though slapped, but ignoring the way the spell tries to push him off. He’s an angel with a human soul, he’s as much right to walk the bars as Cas.
Cas tries to protest, tries to make him leave, but he’s too weak, in too much pain. The ground leaves him and Balthazar’s holding him, bringing him towards the last lock.

[Dean] huffs back to the couch, not freeing Hannibal from the flames, he shoves Balthazar over and sits between the two, his arms sliding over the back of the couch.

Also, you can't tell in every picture, but I've decided that Cas only wears green socks. Thank you deancasbigbang and 9_of_clubs!!
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06 June 2012 @ 05:08 pm
Title: There Is Nothing Without Time
Author(s): filenotch
Artist: amyeyl
Crossover: Supernatural and Highlander
Artist’s Notes: I'm so excited that I was able to do art for this wonderful story. It combines two of my favorite things: Methos and Castiel.

You should definitely go read it. (Link coming soon)

I was hoping to finish one more piece for this, but it's not done yet. When it is, I'll add it here.
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For the Dean/Castiel Ever After challenge, for the fic The Midnight Waltz, by rubystandish. You can read it here.

rubystandish requested all of the princes, so here they are. Sadly, I haven't had the opportunity to read the completed fic yet, but when I do I'd like to draw another piece, y'know with Dean and all.

Edit: In order, the princes are: Michael, Lucifer, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Zachariah, Anael, Camael, Metatron, Balthazar, Aziraphale, and Castiel.
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02 March 2012 @ 12:15 am
Pork Boy the Breakfast Monkey!

edit: Meatballs keep telling me to Kill!
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03 February 2012 @ 08:32 pm
...until Supernatural! I don't know why I'm excited (after having been without for two weeks), it's going to be crappy. I hate season 7.
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04 January 2012 @ 08:07 am
I'm sure Jim Henson would be pleased to know that my mother can't tell the difference between his movie Labyrinth and the Dreamworks movie Puss in Boots.

She's also sworn for years that David Bowie must have a sock in his pants for this movie...
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20 November 2011 @ 10:09 pm
Andrea's hand on Shane's crotch.

I hid behind my blanket for the rest of the -thankfully- short scene and prayed for zombies walkers.
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