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18 November 2009 @ 01:39 pm
I'm totally in an artsy mood lately! Leaning in that really wanting to do a comic direction. I also need to finish my yuletart picture...

But back to comics! Planning on doing one again, and I've got one person to pester me about actually doing it, and I get to pester her about doing hers. Joy all around. In that vein, I'm thinking about doing a short DJ as practice - to get some more inking experience, work on pacing and page layout, etc. So, I need a story/script. It's been a long time since I've written anything, so I decided to write out a short fanfic, which I will then turn into a DJ if I get any sort of positive response.

Posting it here just because I need to make myself use this thing, and elsewhere because no one comes here.

All conversation stopped the moment Duo Maxwell walked into the room. For just a moment he was the center of everyone's universe, and all eyes were on him. Then, just as quickly as it happened, everyone got on with their lives.

"What was that all about?" he asked, glancing at the blond boy just behind him.

"What was what about?" A bit shorter than Duo, Quatre Winner had no clue what his friend was talking about.

"Everyone was like..." here Duo gesticulated wildly, "...like, staring at me!"

"That's odd," Quatre commented, sliding into his seat.

"Seriously," Duo agreed, dropping down into his seat as well.

"We were hoping you were the new model," the girl seated to Duo's right supplied helpfully.

"Oh..." Professor Khushrenada had mentioned something about that last week. Duo slouched down in his chair, waiting for said man to arrive.

He was content to spend the free time staring blankly around the room, or perhaps ogling some of the art-types in their tight-fitting jeans. He himself was only taking Drawing 101 as an elective, an opportunity to expand his horizons - in more ways than one.

The girl beside him had other ideas, apparently, and she shifted into his line of sight to insure his attention while she continued to speak.

"We don't get a lot of male models in here, so all the girls are excited. He's supposed to be pretty attractive, too!"

He wondered how she knew that, since this was a first year class, but he took her word for it and nodded in agreement.

"I can see how that would get everyone hot and bothered." Beside him Quatre snorted in laughter. "What?" Duo pouted and crossed his arms defensively over his chest. The blond boy gestured for him to lean closer before whispering in his ear.

"I think you're getting someone hot and bothered."

"What are you talking about?" Duo whispered back. Quatre pointed at the girl who'd been talking to him. She smiled prettily when Duo looked at her again, and a slight blush appeared on her cheeks. Duo opened his mouth to politely decline, but the room fell silent again.

Professor Khushrenada strode into the room, an Asian boy trailing behind him. Duo joined the rest of the class in leering at the two of them. Khushrenada was okay for an old guy, and a lot of the students got off on that "hot for teacher" thing, but Duo's eyes were solely for the boy beside him. From what he could see, the boy wasn't just attractive, he was totally his type. He was thin, like some of the boys in the class, but not scrawny or anorexic-chic like some of the others. He looked tanned, though Duo would bet on it being completely natural, and had longish black hair.

"Class," the professor began, "I'd like to introduce you to Chang Wufei. He's being kind enough to model for us these next few classes. So be good, and try not to scare him too badly." The class laughed and the slight tension in the room was broken. Khushrenada went on to explain what they were going to be doing that day, but Duo didn't hear a word he said. The Asian - Chinese? - boy had happened to look in his direction, and their eyes locked. His eyes were the darkest brown Duo had ever seen, and they were looking away from them. Duo panicked.

"H-hey!" Quatre laughed again as he came out of his semi-trance, and Duo frowned at him."

"I was starting to think he'd bespelled you with his eyes."

"You might be right, Quatre..."

Wednesday couldn't come fast enough for Duo. He'd spent the rest of Monday and all of Tuesday trying to come up with a good pick-up line. By the time he was supposed to meet Quatre for lunch, he'd finally settled on one he thought wouldn't be too embarrassing.

He finished loading up his tray and made his way across the dining hall to the booth he and Quatre usually shared. He frowned in confusion when he realized Quatre wasn't alone. All of their other friends were in class at this time, so it was always just the two of them. There was only one way to find out what was going on, so the continued to the table.

"Hey Cat," he called out when he was closer. "Who's your friend?"

"Duo, I'm sure you remember Wufei?"

"Wufei? Of course I remember Wu..." his voice trailed off as Quatre's guest turned around "...fei." Wufei smiled and held out a hand. Duo couldn't remember taking it, but he must have, becase Wufei was shaking it.

"Duo, right? Nice to meet you."

"You too. Uh, what are you doing here?" Wufei started to laugh. It was a nice laugh but, "God. I didn't mean it like that!"

"It's okay," Quatre cut in as he slid out of the booth. "I invited him. I need to track down my history teacher and I didn't want you to have to spend lunch alone." A parting conspiratorial grin and the blond was gone, leaving Duo completely alone with his current obsession. Even his pick-up line had abandoned him.

Duo managed to talk himself into not running away and settled across from Wufei. He poked uncomfortably at the food on his tray, now unsure of what to say. If left to it's own devices his mouth would continuously spout random crap, and he was afraid of saying anything incredibly stupid or potentially embarrassing.

"So-" Wufei started, "are you an art major?" The dark-eyed boy looked him up and down, and gestured briefly with his fork.

"Me? No, not at all!" Duo laughed awkwardly. "I'm undecided, so Quatre thought I should try a wide variety of things, not just the Gen Ed stuff."

"Ah, I see. That's a good plan."

"I'm starting to think so." It was mumbled under his breath and Duo hoped Wufei hadn't heard him, but with the way the other boy's lips just turned up, he couldn't be so sure. "What about you?"

"English. I want to be a writer one day."

"I wish you the best of luck," Duo grinned and lifted his glass in a toast. From there the conversation flowed easily from favorite books and authors to rumors about teachers, and finally to Khushrenada's weird eyebrows.

"Maybe he has a vindictive barber!" Duo snorted. Wufei pulled a face, barely managing to keep from spewing his drink across the room. As he hunched over and took a few deep breaths, his eyes landed on his watch.


"What?!" Duo gaped as Wufei stood and hurriedly gathered his things.

"We're late! Come on, get up!"


Professor Khushrenada looked up as Wufei literally ran into the room.

"Mr. Chang! Is everything alright?"

"Sorry! Sorry!" Wufei called out as he ran by. Then he was out of sight as he locked himself in the small teacher's office that was attached to the main room. It doubled as a changing room whenever the art classes had a model.

A few moments later Duo managed to drag himself into the classroom. He dropped into his seat and took a few deep breaths. Beside him, Quatre was all smiles.

"So, how was lunch?"

It was Duo's turn to smile.

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